193 gallery - Paris 3

193 gallery – Paris 3

24 Rue Béranger 75003 Paris

In 2018, the year the 193 Gallery was created, the United Nations counted 193 countries around the world. The gallery offers several open windows to the world of contemporary art. It displays exhibitions dedicated to countries and to emerging and established contemporary artists from various horizons.

1: Symbol of creativity, independence, and confidence in the world
9: Symbol of ideals, spiritual upliftment and empathy for others

3: Symbol of sharing, sensitivity to the world and to emotions

The 193 Gallery offers through its program real experiences that bear the colours of cultures and countries around the world. , thus contemporary works of art rub shoulders with music, meetings and conferences within the exhibition spaces.

In France and around the world, we set out to meet local artistic scenes through biennials, fairs and artists’ workshops. With our team of curators, we work on themes and select both promising and colourful artists.

Our mission is to make you discover the diversity of contemporary scenes of the art world through South East Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Oceania and many others.


Welcome to our contemporary art world tour!


Artists : Thandiwe Muriu, Alia Ali, Hassan Hajjaj, Derrick Ofosu Boateng, Li Hui, John Yuyi, Kitikong Tilokwatanottai, Aldo Chaparro, Jean-Marc Hunt, Valentina Canseco, Ghizlane Agzenaï, Idris Habib, Samuel Cueto, Wylda Bayron, Koji Kasatani, Liset Castillo, 281 Anti Nuke, Ruben Ortiz Torres, Sébastien Méhal, Yoriyas

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