Galerie Pièce Unique - Paris 6

Galerie Pièce Unique – Paris 6

Galerie Pièce Unique, 4 Rue Jacques Callot, 75006 Paris
01 43 26 85 93

Installed right in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the historic gallery Pièce Unique is managed since 1994 by Marussa Gravagnuolo and Christine Lahoud.

Established in 1988, the original concept of this gallery is to present in every exhibition a “unique piece” realized by a contemporary artist specially for the space of 4, rue Jacques Callot. In February 2000, Marussa Gravagnuolo and Christine Lahoud opened a second space located 26, rue Mazarine: it is “PIECE UNIQUE VARIATIONS” where are revealed several

works of the artist exposed in the window of the symbolic gallery of rue Jacques Callot.

Every year, Galerie Pièce Unique participates in the international appointments of the contemporary art in Paris and in Italy, but also in the United States, in Asia and in the Middle East.

The choices of the gallery are guided by a look open on all the horizons, without preconceived ideology, but with a requirement of coherence as for the approach of the artists supported. This permanent dialogue that Marussa Gravagnuolo and Christine Lahoud maintain with the artists is one of the strong values of the gallery.


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