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March 7 , April 7, 2019

Louis Heilbronn will present his third solo exhibition at the Polaris Gallery in Paris from March 9 to April 6, 2019.
Orchard Continued can be seen as an album of images collected over the course of solitary journey into the Californian landscape. Resembling a cultural inventory of the famed American west, it does not provide us with the means to identify specific locations, but instead immerses us, through an elliptical and critical narrative, in an anachronistic and undefined space and time.
A singular beauty emerges from in this series, most often coming from the strange contrast between the simplicity of the each landscape, subject or object photographed and the subtle light that emerges from their environment.As an observer of his own social space, Louis Heilbronn captures the “crossings” of this environment, from which he most often shows us extracts, pieces of life, focusing in detail on insignificant occurrences. Here, the pictorial, literary and cinematographic references that have shaped the imagination of the great American West are collected and combined with great deal of control.
With the intent of creating an idealized image, Louis Heilbronn photographs like a novelist, and with this series evokes thoughts that can be read among the ones of the American transcendentalists of the late 19th century. In this regard the spectator is offered the natural beauty of the world enveloped in the inherent quietness of each moment and landscape.
Leading us to feel as if we are seeing and feeling the world for the first time. The strength of Louis Heilbronn’s eye is to make us question what he shows us: these are not just vernacular landscapes but social and political landscapes, which question both our relationship to photography as a representation of the world but also the stability of nation and its uncertain future.
It is this gift and this interest in observation that makes it possible to say that photography is Louis Heilbronn’s natural language. With Orchard Continued the artist shares with us the need to continue to observe the world through this language. If it is the artist who decides which scenes we are to interpret, it is then the repertoire of images held by each viewer that will guide them in exploring the work, granting them access to the simplicity of its gaze.

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