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October 18, November 20, 2018

We have seen how, from the very beginning, photography has been seen as a means of creating a new kind of ghosts, of keeping alive the image of the past, of keeping an image of things about to disappear.

Eric Aupol has already highlighted in his previous series the atemporality of places and vestiges of time: Sarlat (sculptures in abandoned crypts) Clairvaux ( abandoned cells) Paris Les Halles (dehumanized basements) and, more recently, Vitae Nova and Liangzhu Project (ghostly presence of communities on the margins)

Unlocated, his new series is made in a place that can be defined as an airport. Taking advantage of a diffuse light from the sky that gradually disappears in a sea of clouds, and playing with existing reflections, or duplications of architectural elements, which highlight the aseptic structures of these transit or waiting rooms, Eric Aupol explores here his favourite themes: the bodies inhabiting spaces, the immobility of time, distance from reality, or even the surrendering of any thought.

Always at a distance from the bodies photographed, and taking advantage of the paradox of these bodies that inhabit these temporary spaces, Eric Aupol succeeds in assembling the story, by constructing a mode of representation of time that here is considered as a surface to be explored. (In)temporal space and physical space are intimately linked in each photograph.

By going to the end of the  » Jetée  » Unlocated-Temporary Space opens up a large number of possible futures.


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