4 rue Jacques Callot 75006
10 October to 8 December 2019


This is the title of Danilo Bucchi’s work.Figurable painting is that of the Italian artistwho combines in his language a mixture of abstraction and figuration.A short circuit between the freedom of the sign and the rigor of the vision.The epiphany of the image in its dynamism produces the sudden appearance of the form.The work founds a temporality without past and without future,rather the constant value of an eternal present as a celebration of art.This means nostalgia for beauty which is always a promise of happiness.

Achille Bonito Oliva

Danilo Bucchi (Rome, 1978) completed his studies in Rome, where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts where he focused on drawing, painting and photography techniques. The artist demonstrates from the beginning a firm desire to root his language in a world of signs that refers to the tradition of European abstraction of the first avant-gardes, using techniques and highly technological media.

For his first solo exhibition in Paris, Danilo Bucchi was invited by the gallery to create an original piece « Seed of Grey » for the historic site of rue Jacques Callot and to participate at the same time at Pièce Unique Variations to the collective exhibition with other artists of the gallery:Jean Boghossian, Gaspare Manos, Hiroyuki Masuyama, Renato Ranaldi et Tristano di Robilant.

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