15 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003 Paris
27.01.18 > 24.02.18

Marcos Carrasquer
« Nous sommes là »

The exhibition will be exceptionnaly opened Sunday February 4th, from noon to 6 pm, with the presence of the artiste.

Marcos Carrasquer was born in the Netherlands where his parents took refuge after fleeing Franco’s Spain. He is a totally free artist, he doesn’t know what censorship means, and does not belong to any kind of contemporary «mould». His ultra precise graphics and his rebellious imagination are recognisable at first sight.
Marcos Carrasquer crudely depicts on paper, or on canvas, a bruised humankind. He does not bother with limits, barriers; he strips naked the human being with all his flaws and vices. But Marcos Carrasquer inserts in his works a cutting humour which allows the viewers to distance themselves from subjects which are sometimes violent, sometimes sad, sometimes poetic. These scenes, between nightmare and dream, give the artist the chance to mix tragic and grotesque. Through this micro-exploration of human cruelty, of the expression of nightmare and violence there is also the emergence of hope. Marcos Carrasquer’s pieces require to take a long, careful look in order to notice every detail since all is linked in his work. The smallest detail has its reason for being Marcos Carrasquer is an « exile » of the art whose work keeps reminding us, spectators, the fragility of our current condition.


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