Galerie Aline Vidal, 70 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris | tel. +33 (0)1 43 26 08 68 |
3rd March - 20 April 2012

Thibault de Gialluly is a social searcher with the energy of the barefaced teenager. He tries to feature acting people. He depicts a heterogeneous society made by rebellion, a society into he grafts his inventions and tests.
What’s Hitler’s value without his toothbrush moustach? What could Cinderella do stocked into a riot?
What kind of manifest could be written by the Indecis? How to access to the daily news of a ravaged
world ?
Thibault’s pictures are both chatting and silent. They speak to everyone without taking into account rules.
He draws as bad as good. His hyperactive workshop looks like a kingdom in which he could be king,
governor, emperor, partisan, anarchist or a stateless people at the same time .
The world of Thibault de Gialluly equals at 300 000 wasted pictures, copied, taken, grafted, repainted or
drawn. Citizens look happy or not. Sometimes you believe you recognize someone. Here is a worlddisaster and trailed politics. The youth is been revolting, Coca-Cola bottles, cobblestones, unexplored isle, and hybrid territories.
(From the text of Alicia Vaisse)

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