Galerie Chez Valentin, 9 rue Saint-Gilles 75003 Paris +33(0)1 48 87 42 55
Sept 6th - Oct 11th

Galerie Valentin is pleased to announce Dominique Ghesquière’s second solo exhibition, « Grande tapisserie » [“Great Tapestry”].
This time the artist will present a new series of works linked to the idea of nature and the landscape in the broad sense, not as a kind of background scenery that individuals are detached from, but rather a landscape that brings human beings into the whole in which they exist. We belong to the landscape, just as it belongs to us. The materials used (trees, pine cone scales, pebbles) as well as representations of elements like ivy and clouds, are concrete elements that lead us there. Dominique Ghesquière is offering is offering an experience on two levels. The first is the direct perception of her working materials. The second—more abstract—draws viewers into the innermost recesses of memory.

Dominique Ghesquière holds a degree from the Lyon National School of Fine Arts and completed a residency at the Rijksakademie in 2003. Her work has appeared in exhibitions at the FRAC Bourgogne, the MUDAM in Luxembourg, the Lothringer_13_Halle in Munich, the CCC in Tours and the Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth. She has had solo exhibitions at La Station in Nice, the BF 15 in Lyon, the FRAC Bourgogne and he International Centre of Art and Landscape at Vassivière Island. At the Palais de Tokyo, as part of the exhibition « All That Falls » (curated by Marie de Brugerolle and Gérard Wajcman) she is presenting a large installation « Terre de Profondeur », created during her residency at the CIAP, Vassivière Island.

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