15, rue des Arquebusiers – 75003 Paris
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November 8th - December 20th 2014

Eric Aupol, Démultiplier (Multiply) : following the steps of Clérambault, after a proposal by Antonio Gùzman

Known for his work about darkness and light in spaces and architecture, the French talented photographer Eric Aupol focuses for the first time on the remnants of a genuine figure of the early twentieth century: Gaétan Gatian de Clérambault.

Clérambault was a famous psychiatrist (he will be the mentor of Jacques Lacan) and a photographer. He also taught the art of drapery at the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris. As Chief doctor at the Infirmerie Psychiatrique Spéciale de la Préfecture de Police de Paris he had the opportunity to study numerous cases of mental disorders such as erotomania. He also developed a theory regarding some women’s erotic passion for fabric such as silk. The maréchal Lyautey asked him to establish a modern psychiatric facility in Morocco. Clérambault lived in Fès (1918-1919) where he took no less than one thousand photographies  all of which are drapery studies. He committed suicide in1934 at the age of 62.

This strange and mesmerizing exhibition is a tribute to Clérambault. It embraces four aspects of his achievements : The Studies of bodies and draperies are reminders of his classes at the Beaux Arts. Le quartier du Maristane is the Fès hospital  where Clérambault worked. Les pages tableaux and Les objets-outils.


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