Galerie Polaris, 15 rue des Arquebusiers – 75003 Paris
May 5 - June 5 2011

Fifth personal exhibition of the photographer Eric Aupol at Galerie Polaris.

The series « les espaces » (the spaces) marks a new step in the pursuit of Vitae nova, a project Eric Aupol started three years ago; (Laureate of la Villa Médicis extramural)

Accomplished in different European countries (Spain, France, Austria…), this series concentrates on staging areas, spaces of life or of work of migrants living in Europe, that the artist also photographed against the light (backlighting).  Spaces that seem at first glance meaningless, lifeless, framed on the threshold of description, but where, little-by-little, our gaze detects a certain nostalgia, a softness caused maybe by the physical absence of man.

This form of intimacy with the photographed inside space, both familiar and anonymous, conjugates with the silent withdrawal the photographer is wonted, evacuating every form of expressive pathos and of every narration.

In this treatment – more abstract than in the previous series (Clairevaux, Saissons…), quasi pictorial – as a result, nothing is ever called in a unequivocal way; And, like a signature in the work of Eric Aupol, the light plays a major role, impregnating this places, characterized as ordinary, of a pictorial and nagging warmth.


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