22 rue du Bac 75007
September 12th - November 9th 2019

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Galerie Jean Fournier is delighted to show A Light Year Away, the fourth solo exhibition of Gilgian Gelzer in the gallery.

While showing his most recent work, this exhibition closes a very dense period for the artist whose work has been shown in four important institutions those past two years: at Cabinet des dessins, at Ecole nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, at Domaine de Kerguéhennec and at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen.

Two series (140 x 110 cm and 76 x 56 cm), repreent the artist’s recent researchs. More focus movements, circular movements in a wider color palete, going from round to flower like shapes. The pieces are being passed through by energy flux that structure and dramatize the space. The superposition of colorful lines brings intensity to those flux, when their breaks multiply this energetic sensation, one can feel this vital momentum dear to Bergson, almost musical.

The ensemble of pieces reveal this great drawer’s virtuosity; a wise balance between control and spontaneity, between vitality and concentratio. A unique way to transcend simple moves, draw a line, doodole, underline, stress, and bring the viewer a light year away…

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