15 rue des Arquebusiers 75003 Paris, 00 33 (0)142722127
October 21 - December 11

The fourth solo exhibition of Louis Heilbronn (lives and works in Los Angeles) at Galerie Polaris, Prologue to a Myth, is a series of 24 photographs, mixing the mediums of photography and drawing, made between September 2019 and July 2021.

Prologue to a Myth should be seen as a story, composed of several parts. This new series seeks to discuss the visual language of storytelling, and the embedded presence of narrative in photography. Each photograph can be seen as the representation of a symbol (imaginary or real) that evokes to the viewer, a sense of beginning, the start of a story, tale or myth. Louis Heilbronn ask us to search within our own memories for iconography that outlines this story.

Louis Heilbronn’s raw material has been, and remains, that of the intimate, which he accentuates in this new series by introducing a set of photographed drawings.
The ambiguity between drawing and photographed drawing, between imagined reality and photographed reality, is built around a series that seems to be born of a dream world.

The artist acts as a director, we are indeed on a theater stage, that of life, but seen as in a dream. By ignoring space, time and action, Louis Heilbronn brings to this series a magical observation of the invisible.

It is always with the same modesty and restraint that mark his three previous bodies of work: Meet me on the Surface (2013) From Flowers and More (2014) Orchard Continued (2019) that Louis Heilbronn continues to build a just and intelligent work in an atmosphere as beautiful as it is strange.

Everything here seems to be bathed in the “blue hour”, the moment before nightfall when the sky fills with a dark blue and transports us to another world.

Louis Heilbronn questions the creation of myths, tales, memories, and childhood, illuminating each scene, each object, each character, by reflecting on the ephemeral and the passage of time.
If a single photograph (Establishing shot,2020) ) takes us outside this sea of clouds, it seems to offer the infinity of a space that carries us towards all possibilities.

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