76 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris
September 4 - October 9, 2021

Perrotin Paris is pleased to host a new exhibition of works by
American artist John Henderson, his sixth solo exhibition for this
gallery and the second in Paris. Henderson continues to interro-
gate the practice of painting, performing the role of the Painter
while approaching concerns about artistic production that extend
beyond medium specificity.
While the process of casting is often considered in relation to perma-
nence—as the final move, which fixes an expression into place—
Henderson’s exhibition utilizes the cast object as a point of departure.
Casts of paintings (realized in metal, plaster, and epoxy) are alternately
repainted, cut apart and reassembled with divergent materials. An
oscillation between resemblance and difference plays out across the
gallery’s four rooms as the surface’s of individual paintings appear more
than once, reproduced and altered in multiple locations.
By returning to and revising seemingly terminal objects, the artist pro-
poses an analogy between casting and photography, considering their
shared engagement with indexicality, seriality, cropping and omission.

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