Galerie Maria Lund, 48 rue de Turenne - 75003 Paris Tel (+33) 01 42 76 00 33
January 26 - March 9, 2013

It is a mutual fascination with each other’s work that led to the exhibition: Into the woods (Dans la forêt), which brings the visual artist Peter Neuchs (Brazil) and the sculptor Turi Heisselberg Pedersen (Denmark) together. Looking at their work, one can identify the points they have in common: an almost impenetrable depth, a powerful link to the primitive and a delicate but intense palette. In the case of both artists, the approach to the chosen theme privileges a perception dominated by the sense and the imaginary that deforms to better translate the feelings, real or fantastic, which the idea of the forest inspires.

Turi Heisselberg Pedersen concentrated on studying the vegetal in detail- bulbs, tubers and tree stumps- bringing to mind both the beauty and the immensity of nature in each of its infinitesimal creations. Thus her works brings to light the expressive richness of ceramics and evoke the ancestral and sensual relationship of man with the earth, with matter. As for Peter Neuchs, he has chosen to depict big landscapes impregnated with a strange suspense, troubling and savage nocturnal visions, whose atmosphere conjures up the film noir. Between baroque art and cinematography, Peter Neuchs also explores the complex link between civilization and nature.

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