15, rue des Arquebusiers – 75003 Paris
+ 33 (0)1 42 72 21 27
Sept 13th - Nov 1st 2014

Louis Heilbronn   From Flowers and More *

This will be the artist’s second exhibition in France. Heilbronn graduated from Bard College, New York in 2010  From Flowers and More gathers his latest photographs taken in Europe and in the US during  2013 – 2014.

Louis Heilbronn’s route is never thoroughly defined. He does not chose his destinations for any specific reason. He arrives in these cities and towns as a wanderer. In reaction to his disorientation he begins to explore his surroundings. He does not limit himself to any particular subject or aesthetic and simply photographs what he is drawn to in the moment.

The months succeeding each trip are just as important to his process. Time purifies each picture. They lose their sense of belonging and therefore he can focus on their substance. From there he builds a web of images around a similar emotional theme.

The power and strength of Louis Heilbronn’s work lies in the fact that time and territory are erased, as if they left the image.
A ladder on a harbour’s dark, an abandoned house, an empty store, a few flowers  on a lawn’s edge… all this ephemeral  immobility, all these lifeless areas, emphasise the feeling of timelessness and reveal a new world.

Louis Heilbronn gives back a presence to these vanishing places who are unable to exist on their own.

From Flowers and More. Louis Heilbronn’s first book, published by Filigranes with a text  and interview by Brigitte Ollier, will be released for the exhibition at the  galerie Polaris.

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