36 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris
26 January — 3 March 2018

Au jour d’Hui

Today,  news  is  fairly  good.  We  are in January  2018,  Lucie  Picandet  is  presenting her  second solo  exhibition  at  the  Vallois gallery,  following  Idiose  in  2016.  These are the  facts.  But  is  it all certain?  As mentioned,  for  this  young artist  who  won the  Emerige  Revelations  Grant  in  2015, both  her  world  and words  are subject  to specific  rules  and timelines,  forcing  us to reconsider  everything:  when,  where  and who are we.


This  Au  jour  d’Hui  (literally  “the  day we  are”,  from  the  old  French  hui  meaning “today”  itself)  is  the  new  episode  of her  fictional  project  Celui  que je  suis (literally  “the  one I am”)  which gives  the exhibition  its  title.  It  marks  the  present moment,  Hui’s  one (the  artist), the  exact  founding  time  of  its  own downfall  depicted  in  the  three  artworks opening  the  exhibition.


Let’s  start  from  the  beginning.  Back  in 2004,  Lucie  Picandet  found  a photographic postcard  in  a flea  market  in  Paris  that will  set  it all  in  motion  (research, writing,  creation)  and therefore influence her  works  (embroideries,  notebooks, sculptures,  etc.).  The stage  is  set.

Going  back in  time,  she continues  here her  introspective  and sensitive  journey within  her  world-body:  brain,  eye,  heart, intestinal  flora…  Every  work  is  a step.

Her  unconscious  and universe  are invented and unfolded  before  our  eyes,  transposed into  shapes  and words  in  an unbridled manner.  We  watch  her  become  the  train  of her  thoughts.  Woolen threads  running  here and there  are yet  to  be pulled  and looked at  closely.  Then follow  the  recommended itinerary  in  the  meanders  of  Hui,  diving or  else  digging  with  it.

What  is  displayed  makes  one’s  head spin: colors,  materials,  effects,  subjects,  flora and fauna.  It’s  whirling,  circulating, pulsating  and grinding  all  over.  Lucie Picandet  really  knows  the  ways and means of  giving  life,  energy  and texture  to what  she puts  on paper.  Her  new  series  of watercolors,  bright  and radiant,  combine both  writing  and images,  just  like  in  her previous embroideries.

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