gb agency,18 rue des 4 Fils,75003 Paris Tel : + 33 (0)1 44 78 00 60
From October 18, 2014 to January 17, 2015

A solo exhibition by Roman Ondák

Ajar, the title of the fourth exhibition by Roman Ondák at gb agency, refers to a partly open door, to the idea of a space that is enclosed yet still accessible, to a moment in transition, a moment of transmission. Here is an instance where the private meets the public, where the individual encounters the group. And this betweenness carries on across time throughout the exhibition with works created in either the 1990s or made for this show. Ajar has been built on a back and forth through time between a memory and the present. Ondák often creates such transitional spaces, readjustments within a system of vis-a-vis, sometimes in symmetry and sometimes in discord, where art borrows from life and life takes on an aesthetic form, becoming an artistic moment.

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