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Ryan Gander – GB Agency

gb agency,18 rue des 4 Fils,75003 Paris Tel : + 33 (0)1 44 78 00 60
Sept 11 - 0ct 11 2014

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Retinal Accounts, a solo exhibition by Ryan Gander

Every exhibition of work by Ryan Gander is based on juxtapositions, relationships, and connections which aren’t always immediately evident. The artist makes much of the distance that separates things – his works – since according to him that distance produces certain dynamics and precludes any didacticism. The setup of an exhibition creates a situation in which the spectator has already been integrated and whose questions are solicited. Each exhibition portrays multiple angles of a complex idea hatched from the mises en abyme of a (post) conceptual spirit. The process is marked by autobiography, pop anecdotes, and references to the history of the modern, and always against a background of questions about the role of the artist. With Gander, the process of producing the forms and the narrative about the art takes on its own half-real half-fictional scenario: each piece triggers a story, one whose form is undefined and ever changing, whose signature is missing. By way of an exhibition and its interpretation, Gander brings back the magic of art as an illusion of reality. Such potential enables him to create aparallel world, using the artifice of his works as so many plotlines in a story, whose end he leaves to the viewer to complete or not.
Retinal Accounts, his new show, suggests different perspectives, frameworks and points of view through fictional devices and prescriptions.

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