47 rue de Montmorency, 75003 Paris
March 24 - May 19, 2018

The Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present Blank, the first solo exhibition of ltalian artist Michele Spanghero in its Parisian space.
Michele Spanghero is a multidisciplinary artist, graduated in modern literature with a specialization  in dramaturgy; musician, he dedicates himselfto electronic and experimental music.

His artistic practice is mainly based on sound installation linked to acoustic principles, sculpture and photography. Known for his sculptures emitting sound, result of sound recordings of empty spaces, the artist is often associated with the discipline of Sound Art.
The Parisian exhibition Blank/Vide aims to highlight the strong conceptual and semantic bond between sound, space and emptiness that materializes in his sound sculptures and that of the space, white, architectural space from which he extrapolates minimalist, almost ideal forms, that allow him to create images evoking abstract drawing and painting.
The  methodological  approach is always the same: the artist tries ta proceed by subtraction, in the mathematical sense of the term, extrapolating a visible form and transforming it, as in the series of photographs on display, or making the inaudible audible, as in the case of the installation « Vol. ». The latter is a sound installation that explores the architectural characteristics of the space of the gallery through acoustics. A series of microphones, modified ta emit sound, cames into relation with a dodecahedron speaker that spreads the sound uniformly in ali directions. This creates a system capable of emitting in the space resonant frequencies recorded according to the method developed by Alvin Lucier, one of the main composers of American minimalism.
lt is therefore a matter of poetically listening to the voice of the gallery, starting from sound waves that would otherwise be imperceptible.
This installation is associated a corpus of works that are part of a project that has started in 2010, and still in progress,  entitled  « Studies on the  density  of white « . Starting from  numerous  photographs, from different exhibition spaces ali over the world  and from the Parisian gallery itself, the artist plays on contrasts and light variations of architectural details to transpose elements of modernist architecture from the white cube towards abstraction; by modifying its meaning, the artist lets us discover images completely extrapolated from their context, loaded with emptiness but paradoxically very dense. These works  are arranged on the walls  of the gallery with an almost syntactic  rhythmic  and according to associations, which allow us to reveal curious similarities between the different exhibition spaces from which they were born.
Michele Spanghero’s works, both the sound installation and the photographs, reveal pre-existing images and sounds, making us recall the concept of Gilles Deleuze’s image: the artist’s eye and his poetics act as a Deuleuze’s translucent screen.

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