Bradley - Richard

Bradley – Richard

74, rue de Turenne 75003 Paris , Tel: +33 1 43 25 27 22
May 6 - June 17, 2017

William Bradley

As Good as New

William Bradley, 31 years old, is taking on his heroes of American Abstract Expressionism by challenging their use of automation and spontaneity.  His work begins with small abstract gestural watercolors. They are precisely composed and each has a specific range of colors. The artist then scans them, and manipulates the colors by saturating and contrasting them. These resolved designs are then meticulously repainted in oil on canvas. His work can be described as « abstract art about abstract art » with an underlying concept that explores the communicative disconnect between artist and viewer. Bradley constructs a language of references or quotes from mostly Abstract Expressionists including Robert Motherwell, Bram Van Velde, Clyfford Still, Adolf Gottlieb, Willem de Kooning, Hans Hoffman, while maintaining his own distinctive approach. He deliberately destroys the usual preconceived connection between the visual language and the processes involved.

Bradley does not intend for his paintings to be interpreted as works of Abstract Expressionism. Instead, he exploits characteristics of the style in order to expose the contextual limitations.  Thus, the paintings act to classify the artistic movement as a brand and an exhausted academism.  The Modern concept is refreshed in these works through a contemporary portrayal. Although initially intuitive, gestural strokes are instead consciously transcribed patterns.


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