Galerie Danysz - Paris 11

Galerie Danysz – Paris 11

78 rue Amelot Paris 11
P. (+33)1 45 83 38 51
Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM - 7PM

Founded in 1991, Danysz promotes artists and encourages access to contemporary art in Paris, Shangai and London through its intense and passionate program. The gallery artists come from different horizons with such as Vhils, Erwin Olaf, Liu Bolin, Prune Nourry and JR. Danysz organizes numerous events, takes part in important art fairs and shines all over the world thanks to ambitious collaborations. Danysz is also organizing many outside shows and supports the production of museum exhibitions for the artists represented by the gallery. Based in the heart of Paris, in Le Marais, Danysz is also rooted in Shanghai, in the Bund area. For over a decade now, Danysz is a deeply committed pioneer in China and its program is constantly renewed by inviting emerging artists connected with the local and international scenes. Also active in London with an office and its artists residency program, Danysz keeps on expanding on new territories saving its primary mission: share art discoveries with the collectors. 

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