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June 26, July 19, 2024

The art of ceramics has undergone a remarkable renaissance in recent years, blending age-old traditions with contemporary innovations. The exhibition of these two young ceramists, selected by Bernard Utudjian as part of the C14 2023 ceramics fair, highlights the work of Chiara Bonato and Quentin Marais, whose creations explore distinct stylistic and conceptual horizons.
Chiara Bonato (born 1997)
Chiara Bonato quickly established herself on the art scene with her characteristic sculptures. Her works, mainly oblong shapes, seem to stretch and curl up against walls or lie nonchalantly on the floor or on pedestals. These forms, with their delicate, organic curves, evoke a palpable sensuality, reminiscent of the fluid movements of the human body. Bonato’s sculptures are not simply art objects, they are sensory experiences. Walking through the exhibition, the viewer is invited to feel the subtle variations in texture and admire the shades of glaze that capture the light in an almost hypnotic way. Bonato’s works embody a silent poetry, where every curve and fold tells a story of softness and movement.The position of these shapes creates a unique dialogue between the work and the space.The pieces seem to live and breathe, transforming the architectural environment into a living showcase.

Quentin Marais (born 1988)
Quentin Marais is known for his resolutely ironic and disconcerting approach. His creations, although inspired by design codes, defy precise categorisation. Marais plays with shapes and volumes in such a way as to destabilise the eye and provoke reflection on the very nature of the object. Marais’s pieces, often disconcerting, have a minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic. This intentional ambiguity forces the viewer to question the relationship between form and function, between art and utility.
between form and function, art and utility. Objects that seem familiar at first glance, but whose function escapes all logic, and cease to be identifiable. Each piece thus becomes a visual enigma, which the viewer is invited to decipher without ever getting a definitive answer.

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