Cerruti - Chabal - Sgambaro - PANE

Cerruti – Chabal – Sgambaro – PANE

Galerie Alberta Pane , 44-47, rue de Montmorency 75003, Paris, + 33 (0)172346413

Alberta Pane Gallery is delighted to present the group show Hot and bothered (Nightmares in a bed full of pillows), featuring the work of three international artists: Guendalina Cerruti, Marielle Chabal, and Davide Sgambaro. Gathered together for the first time in a group exhibition, the works of Cerruti, Chabal, and Sgambaro focus on the young generation’s existential concerns. Through various media the artists investigate similar issues, trying to unveil doubts and anxieties linked to an uncertain future. With their practices they attempt to propose new solutions to contemporary society’s disillusions, while using an absurd and sarcastic approach.

Guendalina Cerruti is an Italian artist living in London who presents a vivid, innocent, and everyday universe that explores and resists a defined image of culture and society shaped by algorithms, consumption, and aspirational lifestyles. In the exhibition, she presents new productions and recent works, including Life Is a Rollercoaster, translating a figure of speech into a physical object made of wood and metal scraps. Using phone camera roll and Instagram photos, the sculpture urges us to reflect on the pursuit of an ideal amidst the mirages and distortions pervasive in the digital sphere of social networks.

Marielle Chabal is a French artist, researcher, and director who creates speculative fiction, created in various forms to suit the project, which she also calls “thought experiments”. Her works, driven by collective energy, are devices for understanding the political realities that overwhelm us. They also make us reflect on the commons, eco-responsibility, and a necessary reassessment of the social and political role of art. The scrapbooking-style mood boards and patchwork she presents in the exhibition are the starting point for the QUEENS project, a film that will depict the indelible imprint of patriarchy on our relationship to the feminist-queer world. Davide Sgambaro’s work conveys the malaise and disillusionment of his generation through a variety of media. In Me as Bruce Waine, Peter Parker, Bruce Waine, Peter Parker, etc., the artist presents himself as an anti-hero in a GIF. In Off the Hook! the artist presents a skydancer trapped in a transparent Plexiglass box to denounce the individualism, precariousness, and loneliness we all face. His deliberately cynical works aim to reveal the mechanisms of the capitalist society based on leisure, profit, and competition.

The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Camille Bardin.

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