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August 29 - October 10, 2020

Latest film Reconstitution for a Future Scenario 2: Cap Romano (HD Video, 8min)

Stranded on the half-submerged ruins of a futuristic ‘Dome Home’, a figure is haunted by memories of a home before its foundations were washed away by a series of hurricanes. The film was shot in ruins that lie off the coast of Florida – a luxury summer-house built by an oil engineer in 1979, but destroyed by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Further hurricanes eroded the coastline and further destabilized the house’s foundation until by 2013 the sand-island itself had built be swept away. The remaining domes are still visible above the water but are now stranded in the ocean. What was land is now sea. The film seems like a strange dream or a memory from the future.


Born in 1965 in England, Simon Faithfull studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and then at the University of Reading. Influenced by his travels and by Land Art, Simon Faithfull has developed a multidisciplinary practice mixing performance, video, photography, digital drawing, installation and writing.
His works are considered to be the traces of his performances or physical experiences (often challenging) of the early travellers and adventurers. Using the globe as a material to sculpt his films, and to question the limits of earth and sky space, but also to question the place of man, and of course the place of the artist.
Thus, based on proto-scientific experiments (the artist is often advised in his projects by the scientists themselves), whose importance and interest are far from the constraints of innovation and results, Simon Faithfull gives our world and his works a poetic and philosophical dimension of science. He also allows us to question ourselves about our near future, highlighting, like a Buster Keaton of art, our flaws and mistakes.

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