15 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003 Paris 0142722127
March 9 - April 27, 2024

The word Ototeman comes from the Odjibwe (Amerindian) language. Totem or its representation, used to define to which clan you belonged . More traditionally, totems were used to preserve the history of clans or families. TOTEM presents a collection of 12 new paintings/sculptures/installations by Speedy Graphito, represented by Galerie Polaris for 39 years.
1984 – Speedy Graphito creates his first sculptures in resin and wood titled TOTEM – drawing inspiration from Mayan art, especially for the spiritual aspect of certain paintings and sculptures, intended to soothe or to appease or attract divine favor.
2024 – Speedy Graphito looks back on forty years of creation a new totemic presentation of his painting. painting.
These sculptures-paintings-installations offer us a sensory experience. If this is indeed a figurative work, the exercise we are each is to be able to reconstitute the figurative image we want the figurative image we wish to conjure up. Each work in the TOTEM series plunges us into a ceremonial universe as if adorned with symbols for some ritual. Each chromatic chromatic composition seems to have the power to answer our questions.

No viewpoint is privileged for the spectator, as the painting offers a frontal, even view across the entire surface of thecanvases. The nuances and swings of color, which seem to dance  like free electrons, the luminosity, the chromatic variations, everything builds up into a complex, self-contained the dynamism of our gaze. Each TOTEM is projected as a set of blood vessels, constituting a body in which colors, fabrics and shapes circulate in a loop, tissues and shapes circulate in a loop, giving life and function.
Each work tells its own story, the one we want to see. we wish to see. The power of these works leads us to a chromatic meditation.
This creative freedom has always been Speedy Graphito’s credo. Graphito shows and proves once again that an artist never stops searching for new forms of expression, and this continual this continual pictorial inventiveness has delighted us every year for 40 years

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