Galerie Polaris, 15 rue des Arquebusiers, 75003 Paris, Tel : 00 33 (0)1 42 72 21 27
January 12 - February 23 - 2013

Meet Me On The Surface  : Louis Heilbronn graduated from Bard College (New York) in 2010. The exhibition that will take place at the Galerie Polaris in Paris from January 12 through February 23, 2013 will be his very first. When looking at Heilbronn’s photographic works one might draw a parallel with the plasticity of Renaissance painters.  Louis Heilbronn’s visual language can be compared to that of masters of the period like Masaccio or Piero Della Francesca. A strange beauty emerges from his photographic work. Most often it is generated by the surprising contrast between the simplicity of the objects photographed and the subtle lighting of their environment.Observer of his own social space, Louis Heilbronn shows us extracts, pieces of life, macroscopies of the everyday that might seem insignificant. He seeks beauty in the tiniest details, on occassion focusing on subjects we have no answers for: a mark on a car’s hood, a drop of blood on a teenager’s vest, a ray of sunshine on the edge of a painting, everything is temporily bound. Louis Heilbronn goes out in the world to find his subjects. His photographs, his language, appear so fluid and natural that we come to understand that photography stands firmly at his core.

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