47 Rue de Montmorency 75003 Paris T. (00)33 172 346 413
October 22, December 23

Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present Luciana Lamothe’s fourth solo exhibition at the Paris venue.

« Luciana Lamothe’s new exhibition at the Alberta Pane Gallery seeks to take us out of the gallery space. Or perhaps it seeks precisely the opposite: to take us to the other side of the threshold.
The works in the exhibition can be seen as doors/portals communicating various places from inside the body to the public space. They evoke the space outside the body to re-inhabit it after two years of distancing, of avoiding kisses, hugs, and handshakes. To also avoid the clashing protests for the rights of our bodies and those of others, the confrontations with the police, the brutality of repression, the speed of the protesters running through the city, the door of a building that opens to become a hiding place, the red light that filters through the eyes closed by the hands that protect the head from the boots strikes… »

Text by Dorothée Dupuis

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