47 rue de Montmorency - 75003 Paris
June 13th - August 1st

For her fourth solo exhibition at the Parisian Gallery, Marie Lelouche, a French artist whose practice questions space and volume, presents a series of recent works called You have a new memory. This title is borrowed from an expression of a famous smartphone application: You have a new memory. This message appears accompanied by a set of images stored in your device. But, what are these new external memories, these new forces of reminiscence? Inspired by recent research in cognitive science on memory and false reminiscences, Marie Lelouche creates sculptures that are at the same time fragmented reconstructions of borrowed forms, places of memory, or even the protagonists of the exhibition. Can one glimpse in each of these works, our contradictory relationship to our memories? Since 2015 Marie Lelouche has collected a large number of three-dimensional scans made in public spaces. Like a photographer that creates a collection of images, she tries to compose and to interpret these pieces of architecture or urban furniture. In this way, she produces hybrid works according to a register of very singular forms, giving shape to multi-sensory re-appropriations of her three-dimensional digital archives. The exhibition is accompanied by the critical text You have a new memory written by philosopher Cyril Crygnon.

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