Galerie Alain Gutharc, 7, rue Saint Claude - 75003 Paris
Tel 00 33 (1) 47 00 32 10
October 18 - December 1, 2012

“La fiancée du pirate” is Anita Molinero’s third exhibition at Galerie Alain Gutharc.
As usual, Anita Molinero presents us works of recycled materals, but also, and perhaps more importantly, she applies actions outside at the repertoire of techniques that have talsely come to identify herstyle (that of blow torches on a trash bin). To cut, to lay, to link – these “ordinary” actions are the origin of her art and its evolution.
In 1995, she made sculptures from McDonalds boxes (Untitled, 1995, collection La Piscine, Musée d’Art et d’Industrie, Roubaix).
This idea come to her during walks in the city, where “her eyes were killed looking around her” and seeing boxes flattered in the street or flying “completely vulnerable”.
She decide to work with this material to do different and new sculptures in relation to those made at the time. Archaic and organic sculptures hang limply on assembled exhaust pipes. The artist speaks of “an unjustifiable compulsion of association”, made from garbage materials and / or materials from the plastics industry. About this work she says that it is a punk sculpture and this work punk is certainly right to define the relationship of the artist to the cultural world.
On a wall hangs a work made from car headlights burned in a ceramic oven. This combustion reveals a material rich in shades of color, and changes the textural appearance. Anita Molinero’s sculpture is baroque but this comes from the accidents and blasts, from scratching and stretching. This is explosive
sculpture. The title of the exhibition refers to Nelly Kaplan eponymous film, released in 1969. She said this is “the story of a modern day witch,
who is not burned by Inquisitors because it is she who burns them”. Would Anita be this “fiancée du pirate” armed with a flamethrower and would she reveal her deepest nature ?

At the same time, the estate of Pommery, Reims, appointed Bernard Blistène as curator of the exhibition “Pommery : 10 years of experience”. He presents in this exhibition of ten artists, an expressive suspension by Anita Molinero which measures more than 15 meters in one of the cellars chimneys. This event, wich begins october 4, 2012 will continue until october 2013. In the context of the “Cycle l’Eternel Détour” in the autumn winter 2012 – 2013, from october 17, 2012 until january 20, 2013, Anita Molinero presents an exhibition entitled “Prequel” at MAMCO, in Geneva.

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