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March 12 - July 25, 2020

Jean Fournier gallery is pleased to present Ensecrètement from March 12 to May 7, 2020,  Bernard Moninot’s third sholo show. This exhibition is structured around two spatial works accompanied by seven sets of preparatory drawings. This exhibition inaugurates an exceptional cycle of institutional exhibitions that will begin at the Kerguéhennec Art Center in June 2021, continue in the autumn of 2021 at the Musée d’Issoudun and end at the Maeght Foundation from December 15, 2021, to March 12, 2022. A monograph will accompany each stage.

The insatiable intellectual curiosity pushes Bernard Moninot to be interested in multiple physical phenomena. From these scientific singularities, the artist extracts all the subtle poetry.    He creates abstract works often based on a fictitious function which would have no other use than to reveal an invisible beauty: a dew catcher, the traces of an anemograph, a bird’s flight or the movement of the stars.

The exhibition takes its name from the space installation Ensecrètement (2018-2019). It is a spectacular narrative device consisting of four steel and artificial silk frames forming a transparent chamber in which a set of suspended elements are illuminated and activated by a mechanism. At the heart of the chamber is a phrase borrowed from the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, « The strange memory of that which has never been deposited in a memory ». The sentence turns on itself like a prayer wheel and the light projects multiple reflections on the silk room and beyond.

This work is a sequel to the installation Chambre d’écho (2012-2017) exhibited at the Jean Fournier gallery during the eponymous exhibition in 2018.   This new work uses a process of synesthetic creation – a neurological phenomenon in which several senses are associated – often evoked by Bernard Moninot, produced by the reminiscence of visionary moments generated by the sound frequencies of the A of a tuning fork resonating in contact with objects.

Ensecrètement is undoubtedly the most autobiographical work produced by the artist.

The second major work in the exhibition is the sculpture DewPoint (2019), designed to be a fictional device for collecting dewdrops.

« In creation, the birth of an idea is comparable to the natural process, where certain atmospheric conditions are necessary for the formation of the dew phenomenon.  The organic forms of Dewdrop can be found in the series of drawings Dewdrop Edge, made up of Indian ink washes, mica collage and gold threads; and in the series Avalanche Foreboding (2019), a work composed of two planes: an artificial silk canvas through which one can see transparent sections of mountains or glaciers painted in acrylic.
The exhibition also unveils three other recent series of drawings, a series of paintings and a series of editions that testify to Bernard Moninot’s extreme intellectual agility and constant curiosity.

Sketches, note-taking, plastic research or simple daydreams, these series are both the source and the traces of his creation.

Will be exhibited in particular Mémoire du vent TOME 2 (published in 1999-2019) thirty drawings recording the effects of air movement; Pierres retournés (2019) which is inspired by the hidden part of the stones that is never in contact with air or light, or Migrateur partiel (2019), a celestial cartography drawn with a bird’s feather, inspired by the seasonal migration of birds that orient their movements with the position of the stars.


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