48 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris,
May 17 - July 17, 2023

The concept of shift —either physically or mentally— has long been representative of Lyndi Sales’s work. In Overlappings, she reaffirms her intent to go beyond the limits of the visible, beyond conventional perception. The exhibition title is to be understood both literally and metaphorically: Lyndi Sales composes by overlapping materials and references – the spiritual and the mundane, myths and reality as described by science. She draws from her travels, her personal background and her sensory experiences. Different influences and cultures coexist in her search for a universal visual language. The artist creates a singular vision, springing from an altered perception of the universe, thus leading the way to a world that is both out of time and out of space. In an era when the flow of images is constant and omnipresent, Lyndi Sales seems to reclaim a need to enter other worlds, a need for a deep imagery of the self.
Her work takes the material form of collages, meditative drawings, as well as drawn and embroidered textiles. By their intense luminosity, Lyndi Sales’s latest works have a powerful attraction. They act like a spiral or a vortex, drawing in the gaze to take it always further.
In Overlappings, Lyndi Sales invites us to open our eyes and our emotions wide with her, in a journey without destination but ourselves. She does so by her breath-taking works, mesmerising in a wonder similar to a peacock suddenly spreading its tail or to the glistening waters. But her intent does not stop at the immediate attraction and the possibility of enchantment: her more intimate desire is also to invite us to dig deeper, to know and further our relationship to others and the world.

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