33 - 36 rue de Seine, 75006, Paris Tel : 33 + 1
February, 28, April 11, 2020


For many years, Samuel Trenquier has been developing a personal and singular writing that he calls « robinsologie », based on the history of Robinson Crusoe and Vendredi. His works explore fictional cycles that would punctuate their daily lives on the desert island.
The exhibition in the Project Room plunges us into a new « episode » where the two accomplices would have planned to organize this time an exhibition… We discover the artist’s new drawings, gouaches made on cigarette paper, ceramics, as well as various transformed objects, most often including natural elements. Samuel Trenquier continues in this series his visual safaris where our eyes get lost in the tangle of shapes and colours of the living. It is also the story of men that seems to be transposed here into the lives of plants: large leaves and « Ralik’s style » navigation maps punctuate the hanging, to help us to leave easily our shores…

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