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October 18, November 25, 2023

Charade (Twenty years later)

An exhibition conceived by Yto Barrada
curated by Clément Dirié
October 19-November 25, 2023, Galerie Polaris, Paris
With Yto Barrada, Marie Muracciole, Élodie Pong, Irina Prentice, Christine Rohmer et Laurent Védrine

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On the occasion of Yto Barrada’s exhibitions for the 2023 edition of the Festival d’Automne à Paris Paris*, Galerie Polaris is pleased to welcome the artist back to celebrate twenty years years of collaboration. In spring 2003, Gran Royal Turismo was one of her first solo solo exhibitions in Europe, following her meeting with Bernard Utudjian.

Twenty years on, Yto Barrada, in collaboration with art critic and curator Clément Dirié presents an exhibition featuring, alongside her own work (a new series of photographs on the flea market in Tangier) collages and enhanced books by Irina Prentice, paintings by Christine Rohmer and assemblages by Laurent Védrine – and no doubt a few other guests. A special place is given to Christine Rohmer and her paintings, whose pastel-like rendering of oil paint and the tender « silent nature » of things and beings offer a space for contemplation. Whatdothesesixartistshaveincommon? Tiesoffriendshipandadmiration,a belief in art and its modes of expression, the junction between extreme singularity and universality, a sensitive way of looking at worlds, and of course your own way of looking at them together. Art is always an individual and collective adventure.

Like a charade, the exhibition presents a visual, mental and textural landscape where the works will surprise and, let’s be sure, will bounce off each other, twenty years after and twenty years before.

Yto Barrada, New York Marie Muracciole, Paris Élodie Pong, Zurich Irina Prentice, Londres Christine Rohmer, Paris Laurent Védrine, Paris

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