44 - 47 rue de Montmorency, 75003 Paris
February 17, March 30, 2024

G a l e r i e  A l b e r t a  P a n e  i s  d e l i g ht e d   t o present Mujer, mujer, mujer, a double solo  exhibition by artists Regina José Galindo and Iva Lulashi, organized in collaboration with the Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani.
Regina José Galindo is a Guatemalan visual and performance artist. Her work denounces social injustices linked to racial and gender issues and also focuses on the abuse of power by institutions within our society. Through deliberately disturbing and shocking art, she
seeks to shake up the Guatemalan public, numbed by years of oppression and violence. In the first Parisian space, Galindo presents a
panorama of her historic performances from 1 9 9 9  t o  2 0 2 1 , i n c l u d i n g   P i e l ( 2 0 0 1 ) and Punto Ciego (2010), through photographs, videos, and an installation. On the opening day, the artist will also perform a reading of one of her poems. Iva Lulashi is a painter whose work is inspired by the visual culture of the Communist era in her native Albania. In her work, she uses vintage photographs and paintings depicting trivial outdoor scenes, as well as propaganda images, which she mixes with erotic films, blurring the boundaries between genres. The works exhibited in the second space are highly evocative, placing the viewer in the position of a voyeur, spying on female bodies during intimate moments in the middle of nature. Lulashi paints personal, individual stories, often marked by memories of post-adolescent eroticism. For the artist, the nudity of the characters is a way of proving that one can achieve freedom through one’s body, but also of criticizing the strong censorship imposed on Albanians.
As its title suggests, the Mujer, mujer, mujer exhibition focuses on the woman, questioning her place in today’s society, while
denouncing the objectification and violence to which she is still subjected today.

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